Accurate automatic demand forecasts calculated using state of the art statistical and machine learning techniques. Easy to use solution with no expert knowledge required

Inventory optimization and order placement automation

ProLogistica Opti is a solution for managing inventory, which provides the support of large amounts of complicated data, allowing entrepreneurs to determine and maintain the goods availability level which guarantees maximum profits. Inventory management is based on reliable demand forecasts calculated with advanced mathematical models. This software allows you to, among others, increase sales, adjust inventory to the real demand, reduce the costs of inventory replenishment, and improve cooperation with suppliers and recipients.


Based on accurate demand forecasts, Prologistica automatically determines MIN and MAX levels, as well as an optimum Q ordering batch. These ratios are calculated as often as the demand character changes, in order to increase the company’s profits to the maximum by ensuring the availability of sufficient amount of goods for which the demand is forecast, with reducing inventory storage costs


Based on the calculated parameters and demand forecast, the system generates suggestions of ready joint orders for a given supplier. In order generation, the following situations are taken into consideration: supplementing orders to reach the supplier’s logistic minimum values, supplementing orders to fill the container or other means of transport, substitutes and complementary products, inter-branch movement management, and many more


Prologistica conducts an extensive classification of all products at each point of their sale. It uses 10 classification methods (ABC, XYZ, FSN, DTMR, etc.). Classifications are calculated periodically, which allows for a constant access of company’s management to the information on the current company situation, both in general for the whole company and for individual branches


Forecasts are based on 108 advanced forecasting models to which the system automatically selects the best method and parameters, as well as the expected effect of promotional campaigns on the level of demand and seasonality. With an extensive number of algorithms, Prologistica deals with all types of demand, including a rare demand or forecasts for new products introduced on the market


The system allows for defining different types of reports established individually with the Clients. These can include reports on product rotation, recommendations to exclude certain products from the inventory, analysis of the current inventory levels, and a lot more